Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems.

Small Form Factor computers are very small desktop PCs. They range in size from a shoebox to a paperback book. They are typically placed either horizontally or vertically on a table top in close proximity to a video monitor. SFF computers are capable little machines, but most are not designed to Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. handle computationally intense uses like engineering analysis, video editing or 3D modeling. They generally have limited graphics processing capability and very little RAM. Some SFFs even lack built-in optical drives. The small size of SFF computers limits their flexibility. Electronic components are tightly packed within their cases so there’s little Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. or no room for future expansion.

SFF computers are a perfect match for customers who just want to buy a very simple computer and keep costs as low as possible.

There exist several modifications of the SFF. One variant of the SFF desktop is called a “Nettop” that is primarily designed for Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. Internet use. Like netbooks, Nettops use web based software instead of software installed on the device itself. Another SFF variant is called a “Cube” computer. These shoebox sized units are typically purchased by do-it-yourself computer enthusiasts so they can design or assemble their own system economically. It’s Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. common for highly customized Cubes to outperform all other types of SFF computers. A third variant is called a “Mini”. Their distinguishing feature is their extremely small size. They are usually about the size of a paperback book.

*1 pound = 0,45 kg 1 inch = 2,54 cm

3. While reading the text again fill Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. in the table with the information about the personal computer types. (В процессе чтения текста заполните таблицу данными о моделях индивидуальных компов)

Model Size Weight Specifications Distinct features Price Customer
Netbook light - …… - …. - can access the internet.wirelessly - …… inexpensive …..

4. Compare the computer types using the table. (Сравните модели компов при помощи Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. таблицы) In your sentences use the structures like: as … as, not so … as, more/less … than, the most/least …. of all

Ex.Netbooks are not so powerful as large size laptops.

Midsize laptops are less expensive than large-size laptops.

SFF computers are the smallest of all desktops.

5. Find in the Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. text derivatives of the words. Translate the words. (Найдите в тексте однокоренные для данных слов и переведите их): Ex. produce – production - productivity- (un)productive

distinguish wire

weigh except

combine power

custom flex

expensive vary

capable perform

mobile convenient

compare convert

typical apply

possible tradition

increase tight

dimension fit

Analyze the suffixes and prefixes. Which ones are used for forming nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, negative meaning Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems.? (Проанализируйте суффиксы и приставки. Какие из их употребляются для образования существительных, прилагательных, наречий, глаголов, придания слову обратного значения?)

6. Find in the text English equivalents(Найдите в тексте перевод фраз):

1) в движении 6) сначала/конце перечня

2) широкополосное соединение 7) взлеты и падения

3) выделять(ся) 8) быть на высоте

4) классный ноутбук 9) совершенно подходить

5) идти рука об руку Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. 10)очень снижать издержки

7. Match the words with their Russian counterparts (Подберите соответственный перевод к словам)

A. 1) desktop PC a) планшет/грифельная доска

2) tower model PC b) моноблок

3) all-in one PC c) сверхлегкий компьютер

4) SFF PC d) «настольный» стационарный компьютер

5) ultraportable PC e) технические свойства

6) slate f) техобслуживание

7) convertible g) малогабаритный компьютер

8) maintenance h) корпус

9) specs i) «башенный» системный Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. блок

10) chassis j) трансформер

B. 1) access a) завлекать

2) rely b)оснащать

3) factor c) подключаться

4) appeal d) управляться с

5) handle e) зависеть

6) customize f) настраивать

7) outfit g) учесть

C. 1) pivot a) адаптировать

2) mount b) собирать

3) tailor c) поменять

4) swap out d) устанавливать

5) render e) воспроизводить

6) assemble f) превосходить

7) outperform g) крутиться

8. Write out from the text the phrases that contain the following words(Выпишите из текста словосочетания с данными Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. словами):

Ex. feature - distinguishing feature - networking and security features – the feature distinguishes/ sets apart

access - mount -

factor- outfit -

rely - swap out -

appeal - tailor -

handle - assemble -

customize - outperform -

pivot - specs -

render - chassis -

9. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box (Заполните пропуски словами из рамки)

maintenance notebook convertible tower model slate desktop Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. model specs ultrabooks slots chassis

1. Every computer system requires at least one ….…… to house the circuit boards and wiring.

2. The case also contains …….. for expansion boards.

3. ……….. is a computer designed to fit comfortably on top of a desk, typically with the monitor sitting on top of the computer Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems..

4. Desktop model computers are broad and low, whereas ….…... computers are narrow and tall.

5. …………. are laptops that are extremely thin (less than 20 millimeters) and lightweight along with long battery life, near instant-on and instant-resume capabilities, and fast storage, typically via SSDs, all in a sub $1,000 package.

6. ………... computers Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. cost about twice as much as equivalent regular-sized computers.

7. The article compares the ……….. of ten of the best-selling cars.

8. ……… is a small computer with a screen that you can write on using a special pen

9. The network will be down for an hour for routine ………….. .

10. In today's internet Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems.-everywhere world, you need to be able to work wherever you are. That's why you need a ………… (2 in 1) computer.

Grammar Фокус

10. Put the words from the box in the correct form, define the verbs’ tense and voice (поставьте слова в подходящую форму, обусловьте время и залог глаголов)

outperform assemble customize Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. mount render handle

1. Several IT companies in India spend their time …………… software to suit the requirements of their clients.

2. The customer services department ………. any customer complaints.

3. The company has consistently ……………. its rivals this season.

4. The surveillance camera is ………….. above the main door.

5. Graphics chips ……………… images by breaking Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. them into small pieces called polygons.

6. My new machine is being …………….. and my old one dismantled.

11. Fill in the necessary prepositions (Воткните нужные предлоги).

Define the verbs’ tense and voice (обусловьте время и залог глаголов).

1. The ambulances have all been outfitted …….. new radios.

2. People are earning more, but when inflation is Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. factored ……, they are no better off.

3. I swapped the memory card ………. for a newer one.

4. We tailor any of our products …… your company's specific needs.

5. His argument will pivot …… the growing cost of legal fees.

6. You cannot access … the database without a valid password.

7. It's a programme that is Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. designed to appeal mainly …. 16 to 25-year-olds.

8. What set her ………. from the other candidates for the job was that she had a lot of original ideas.

9. These computer games rely …….. 3D graphics.

12. Match the picture with the computer type (Сопоставьте изображение с заглавием модели компьютера)

Tablet Small Form Small Form Factor (SFF) Systems. Factor Ultraportable Netbook Tower Model Large-size Laptop All-In-One Desktop Model Mid-size Laptop
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9

Text 6.

1. Scan the texts and match the definitions with the computer types (Просмотрите тексты и сопоставьте определения с разновидностями компов)